Release Notes

Issues or Features left to be resolved

The "2018 Men's Bracket" had a wrong ID for Syracuse and will cause scoring issues as well as issue when using the Baselines feature.

The fix is to simply re-import the Teams file:

1) Duplicate your existing file (just so you have a backup copy) and Open the file

2) Select the "Teams" icon from the Toolbar (of select "Get Tournament Teams..." from the File menu)

3) Select "Yes" on the warning dialog (You want to re-import the teams)

4) Re-download the teams file by selecting the "Check For Files..." button, select the "2018 Men's Bracket" and then select the "Download & Import" button

5) Select "Download Results" from the "Bracket" menu

This will not affect player's brackets but if you edited team names you will need to re-do that again from the Preferences area. Sorry about the error.



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