First Four Compatibility Starting in 2011, the NCAA added three more teams to the tournament bringing the total number of teams to 68. The new format now features four games called the "First Four" and are determined as follows:

Be sure to see the First Four Options page for help in deciding if your pool will be using these games.

Database Import Ability to store picks in online database to be imported directly into OfficePool (See the Web Form Tool button).

Progressive Pools Ability to start a pool from any point in the tournament.

Create a full web site for your pool (Standings, Possible Outcomes, Brackets and more) With a couple clicks of the mouse you can create an entire web site for uploading to your service provider.

Email updates from within OfficePool Want to email everyone their picks -- and only their picks? Or perhaps you want to promote your site by e-mailing the Standings after each round of games. Or a quick note to those who still need to pay up. The Pool Manager/Email feature provides all this and more.

Web-based Entry form Save a ton of time by pointing your users to a Web Form which will allow them to fill out their picks from a web page. Once they hit submit, you receive an email which you simply import into OfficePool. Big Time Saver. There is also a wizard to help generate the form automatically.

The One and Only QuikPik™ Feature which automatically generates completely random brackets. Very useful for those addicted to the lottery and also fun for those who don't know anything about basketball! This feature allows your users an added chance at winning something.

Bogus Entries Want to have brackets from experts or other celebrities in your pool but not have them count in the standings? If so, then this feature is for you. One user even does all the work for you by creating the brackets and saving them in an importable format.

Loads of Scoring Options Some traditional and some not so traditional but chances are OfficePool has what you're looking for. And if not, let us know and we'll try to add it for you.

Imagine the Possibilities (Once tournament reaches 16 teams) This allows your pool participants to see what chances they have of finishing at the top.

Customizable Web Template Don't like the look we've come up with for your web site? Not a problem. Just use your favorite HTML Editor and change the entire look and feel of your OfficePool-generated web files. You can also update styles (Cascading Style Sheets) from within OfficePool.

Keep Track of Who's Paid and who hasn't, if you're into that sort of thing. Or use this feature to keep track of whatever else you might keep track of.

Tournament Teams File Immediately following the announcement we will provide all registered users with a tournament teams file which includes all 68 2011 NCAA participants. As long as you're registered you can then import them into your pool.

Try Before Buy Not sure if this is the software for you? Why not give it a try? Just download the latest version and go for a test run. Everything is enabled except you won't be able to modify the teams until you purchase a license.

There are also many more features so be sure to check them out!